Plettenberg Bay and the surrounding area has become extremely popular as a wonderful location for film shoots
due to the natural beauty and diversity of the area.

From forests to mountains, rivers, ocean, luxury villas and adventure attractions it is hard to beat. Plett Villas has excellent experience in dealing with film companies. We have been very involved in both small and large productions.

The services we offer are the following:

  • Exclusive Villas for shoots/locations
  • Working with Plettenberg Bay Tourism and other experts in the field locally with regards to locations and other logistics. This is often outsourced however we can facilitate putting the right people in touch to make it all happen.
  • In the past, our expertise has been providing accommodation options for a film crew, VIP stars, film administration departments and pretty much all involved in the production.

We have worked very well with film companies and have had positive feedback from them. We source the properties, manage all the bookings and logistics of the accommodation side of a production which is a huge amount of work for a production company. Using our services to take care of this important aspect of production is vital. Our background in the hospitality industry for many years ensures that service is key.

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