“Where we love is home- home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

Plett Villas specializes in managing exclusive properties that have the potential to become popular rental options. We have a small portfolio of properties that we manage, and the emphasis is on managing a property thoroughly to ensure that it is the ideal rental property and that our homeowners can, with absolute confidence, leave their villa in our capable hands.

Home management is tailor-made for each homeowner individually ensuring all their needs are taken care of. We take our home management seriously and include winter maintenance and deep clean programs as well as summer season prep programs.  We want our homeowners to enjoy their properties without the hassle. We also offer our owners services in the property or concierge services as well as discounts at local restaurants and activities. 

Plett Villas offers our homeowners extensive marketing including online platforms, engaging in the tourism trade and making sure we are involved with local and national tourism drives and our occupancy stats are good!  We feel confident about putting clients into our home managed properties as we know they are well looked after.

We have a full team of experts to ensure all our homeowners' needs are met.  Our homeowners will also benefit from “Villa Swap Africa” maximizing the benefits of their home in Plett.

Should you wish to be part of our select portfolio please contact us for further information.

The definition of win-win is a situation or outcome where everyone comes away happy